Nebelmeer – Sea of fog

Schönes Herbstwetter in der Schweiz bedeutet Hochnebel über dem Mittelland. Wenn man von einer Bergspitze im Jura in Richtung Süden schaut, sieht man ein richtiges Nebelmeer über welches am Horizont die Alpen herausragen. Das Nebelmeer erinnert mich an ein berühmtes Gemälde von Caspar David Friedrich, dem wahrscheinlich bedeutendsten deutschen Maler der Romantik. Das Bild wurde vor einigen Jahren als Briefmarkenmotiv in Deutschland ausgewählt.

Fair weather in the fall in Switzerland is characterized by high fog above the Swiss Central Lowlands (Swiss midlands). When looking southwards from one of the peaks of the Swiss Jura Mountains you see a real sea of fog and the Swiss Alps on the horizon. The sea of fog reminds me of a famous oil painting of Caspar David Friedrich, probably the most important German Romantic painter. The painting has the title: „Wanderer above the Sea of Fog“ (also known as „Wanderer above the Mist“). Some years ago this picture has been chosen as stamp motif in Germany.




7 Kommentare zu “Nebelmeer – Sea of fog

  1. Santa Clara Valley in California looks like that too, but more puffy and IN JULY…! Sea fog from the Pacific goes over the hills and pours down into the valley in Summer. Hiking up the hills one can see this whipped cream filling the entire valley and obscuring the SF Bay. ( When I did those hikes I was not into taking pictures yet so I haven nothing to show …).

      • Thanks for yr. reply. I am no longer there now….
        I moved to the ‚High Desert‘ – the State of Idaho. I live near Boise. I have my own space, in my daughter’s house on 2 acres. Beautiful unspoiled country with less than 2 million people in it !! but very little fog here, and age has impaired my hiking.

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