Vogelberingung auf der Ulmethöchi – Bird ringing at the Ulmethöchi

Die Ulmethöchi ist eine Stelle im Schweizer Jura, wo Ornithologen seit über 50 Jahren den Vogelzug erforschen. Während 6 Wochen im Oktober und November werden dort Zugvögel gezählt und auch in Netzen gefangen, untersucht, beringt und wieder in die Freiheit entlassen. Hier ein paar Eindrücke von der Arbeit in der Beringungsstation.

The „Ulmethöchi“ is a place in the Swiss Jura Mountains where ornithologists are doing research on the migration of birds since more than 50 years. During 6 weeks in October and November migratory birds are recorded and also caught in nets, examined, ringed and set free again. Here some insight into the work at the ringing station.

Der Anfang war 1962 – Start was in 1962

Eines der Netze – One of the nets

Eine Tannenmeise wir aus dem Netz befreit – A Coal Tit is being rescued from the net

Die Ulmethöchi ist eine bevorzugte Überquerungsstelle des Juras – The Ulmethöchi is a preferred crossing site of the Jura

Ein Rotkehlchen wird beringt – A Robin is being ringed

Eine Blaumeise wird vermessen – A Blue Tit is being measured.

Freilassung einer Waldohreule nach der Beringung – Release of a Long-eared Owl after ringing


4 Kommentare zu “Vogelberingung auf der Ulmethöchi – Bird ringing at the Ulmethöchi

  1. The owl is wunder shone! Fascinating post. I just spent the weekend cooking at my son’s apartment with rattlesnakes in aquariums in his kitchen waiting for the UC Davis Vet to help my son implant telemetry. Wildlife biology can be risky business!!

  2. Rattlesnakes in the kitchen? Your son is a real wildlife biologist! I would be happy to encounter a rattlesnake once in my life. Two weeks ago I have been in New Mexico for bussiness but had some lesure time for hiking in the prairie. I found danger notices but no snake, unfortunately.

  3. Well he is a graduate student studying wildlife biology and I have pics of the rattlesnakes in his kitchen! If you want to see them I’ll email them to you. You are so lucky to have no rattlesnakes in Switzerland. We have lots at The Holler. My son is focused on rattlesnake conservation as he sees the snakes as a critical part of a stable ecosystem and of course he is right. They are quite concerning when you happen on them unexpectedly though. I almost stepped on one if flip flops in my garage. Ours at The Holler are Southern Pacifics mostly and they are quite aggressive. The diamondbacks are mellower. I just don’t want Matt bitten as they are neuro and hepa toxic. I just watched a video of biologists hang gliding with condors in Peru!! Yikes! Dangerous!

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