Spuren im Schnee – Tracks in the Snow

Im Pulverschnee ist es gar nicht so einfach, die Spuren der Tiere zu lesen, denn es fehlen die typischen Pfoten- oder Hufabdrücke. Es bedarf einer gehörigen Portion Erfahrung, die Tierspuren richtig zu interpretieren. Hier ein paar Beispiele.

Reading of animal tracks in powder snow is difficult because the typical paw prints or hoof prints are absent. It requires quite a lot of experience to interpret the animal tracks correctly. Here are a few examples.

Steinmarder – Stone Marten

Hermelin – Stoat

Wildschwein – Wild Boar

Rotfuchs – Red Fox

Dachs – Badger


5 Kommentare zu “Spuren im Schnee – Tracks in the Snow

  1. My son is an advanced trained tracker. I just went with him to the Wildlife tunnels that go under freeways to provide a corridor for wildlife to move from the eastern mountains to the sea. He’s putting cameras in them for his thesis. I am sending him this post. Incredible photos and tracks. Didn’t know abut the identification difficulties in the snow. It certainly makes the animals movements quite clear though. Thanks for posting

    • Thank you, Cindy! Your son has a wunderful job! I wish him all the best for his thesis. I could spent endless time in the snow to follow and examine animal tracks. However, sometimes I have no idea what animals it was.

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